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NEW!!!!In So.Cal. some of these Kustoms can be seen in person at
The Hobby Connection 6723 Greenleaf Whittier Ca..
Frank & Sons Collectable Show in Walnut Ca.
at the Wheels Etc. booth #700

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All Kustoms on this page are for sale.
If you see something you like, email RG Kustoms
If we've sold it, we'll build you a similar one.

After all, nobody wants a "KUSTOM" that somebody else has. :-)

Kustom Display Turntable

These Turntables can be orderd from us.
Kool for that Special Kustom or Red Line.

Table turns one RPM (not as fast as pictured.)

Tweety Special Delivery

Birth Annoncement for my Grandson
Can do special orders for B.day anv. any occ.

50's Caddy

Was a Mickey "D" Toy

Deora Tandem Stretch

Pro Street Monte Carlo concept Car

Slammed, Quarter Windows Filled, Blower Added

59 Impala Hot Rod

Pro Street 58 Convertible

65 Impala Pro Street

Pro Street 65 'Vert

Beach Cruise'n Bus

59 Pro Street Hauler

41 Willys

Pro Street Chevy 3500

Custom made rear tires Wider than any Hot Wheels

Chevy 3500 Tandem

Flamed Passion

56 Ford Panel

Kart Hauler

Purple Kart Hauler

Flamed Dairy

Purple Hydro

Hydro Hauler

Hydroplane Hauler

Stude Hauler

The  Dodge  Boyz


Dairy & Trailer

Aluminum Tubs

Chopped Dairy & Horse Trailer

Trailer was a dairy truck!!

Surfer Pick Up

Back half is painted with Kameleon it turns from blue to purple to gold

Got Nitro?

Puerto Rican Racers

Kustom Anglia

Pokemon Express #2

Pokemon Express #3

Chopped Tail

Black Cad!!

East L.A. Lowrider

It's a So.Cal.Thing

65 Impala Low Rider

Stude w/ At-A-Tude

Large Milk?

The Green Monster

Hertiage Dairy

Special Order

Kameleon Kolors
Kustom Kard

These pix show the effect
it is the same truck

B&D Paint Contractors Garland Tx.

Special Order on Kustom Kard

Mickey's Ride

Performance Plus Long Beach Ca.

Flame'n Delivery


Tweety & Sylvester Delivery

Pop'n Fresh Express

Black Hauler

Red & White Hauler

Gordon Hauler

Delivery w/Trailer & Hot Rod

Hot Rod Haulers

Chopped Top Delivery

Got Beer? Delivery

Custom Pink Pearl Delivery

Custom Faded Green Delivery

Custom Purple Chrysler Concept

Email RG Kustoms at mopar@greganti.com

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